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We are Hydraulique NES

The specialists in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics and electromechanics.




Hydraulique NES offers engineering services in order to support you in your hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical services.

Custom engineering for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

Whether it’s for new cylinders or the improvement of you used cylinders during a repair, our engineering team helps you adapt your cylinders to your specific needs.

  • Ambidextrous cylinders
  • Rugged design
  • Cushioned cylinders on cap and/or rod side
  • Temposonic linear positioning sensors

Hydraulic system design

Our engineering team is pleased to undertake the custom design of your power units, or your hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Machinery approbation

For mining or forestry equipment, Hydraulique NES offers design and approbation services for cabs as per actual standards.

(SAE J1215, SAE J1040C, SAE J231, Etc)

ROPS : Rolling Over Protective Structure

FOPS : Falling Object Protective Structure

OPS: Operator protective structure

Lift plans and rigging equipment approbation/certification

Our engineers will take care of designing your lift plans, and also design and certify your rigging hardware as per ASME BTH-1.

Design for mechanical systems of all types

Our experienced engineers will support you whether it’s for rotational mechanical systems or API-650 tanks.

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