The best & most rugged pneumatic cylinders.

At only a fraction of our competitors' prices.

Services for the mining industry!

Sales, design, repairs and installation on site.

Extra rugged design!

With the best service there is.

Save time, money and trouble!

Get it made to the Hydraulique NES quality standard.

We are Hydraulique NES

The specialists in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics and electromechanics.


Hydraulique NES

The company

Hydraulique NES are well established leaders in the hydraulic and pneumatic business. For over 40 years, our business has always been based on service.  We are active in the North-East of Ontario and North-West of Quebec. Our commitment to our client is well reflected by the satisfaction that they have towards us. Accepting urgent repairs to help our client has become a day-to-day reality.

Our strongest assets are our 35+ qualified & reliable employees.

Our expertise

  • 4 Hydraulic technicians
  • 3 Certified welders
  • 1 Certified welding inspector
  • 5 Conventional machinists
  • 2 CNC Machinists
  • 7 Cylinder assemblers
  • 1 Certified accountant
  • 2 Accounting clerks
  • 1 On-site technician
  • 2 Sales representatives
  • 1 Professional Engineer
  • 2 Project manager / Foreman
  • 6 Sales clerks

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