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HYDAC filtration products

For any filtration need, Hydac our exclusive line of product, will be able to suit your needs. Hydac, is a world renowned brand, which will allow you to benefit from the best filters on the market, at the lowest price possible because Hydraulique NES is a direct and exclusive dealer.

German engineering at your service: Hydac offers custom made solutions for your projects. Through Hydraulique NES, you will benefit from consulting services from the Hydac engineering department for your specific needs.

HYDAC filters

HYDAC – The reliable partner for your fluid management problems. Increasing the availability of your hydraulic or lubrication system and decreasing the down time on your equipment is our main concern.

  • Safe to use
  • Long lasting
  • Clean fluid even for a soft start
  • Reduced waste management costs
  • Oil filters
  • Gas filters
  • Air filters

HYDAC filtration units

HYDAC offers a wide selection of industrial grade filtration solution with its stationary filtration units. Those solutions have applications in hydraulic system, process water, etc.

Most models are installed on a derivation path and are used to separate the solid particles from the fluid (with or without a solid particle filter).

  • Main filtration units
  • Additionnal equipment for systems already in use
  • Secondary filtration units
  • Increased fluid lifetime

Contact us right away for any questions on filtration.

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