Services for the mining industry!

Sales, design, repairs and installation on site.

Extra rugged design!

With the best service there is.

The best & most rugged pneumatic cylinders.

At only a fraction of our competitors' prices.

Save time, money and trouble!

Get it made to the Hydraulique NES quality standard.

We are Hydraulique NES

The specialists in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics and electromechanics.


Hydraulic and pneumatic repairs of all sorts

Regardless of the brand, hydraulic and pneumatic repairs are part of the expertise we offer. Every component repaired by Hydraulique NES undergoes a strict quality control. Hydraulique NES is a reliable partner and supplier for many major mining sites, logging and forestry plants as well as large industrial facilities, that all have put their trust in Hydraulique NES over the 40 years it’s been in operation!

We repair most hydraulic and pneumatic components:

  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic motors
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic valves
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Accumulators
  • Mobile hydraulic systems
  • Relief valves
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic hammers
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic tools (ex: impacts)
  • Machinery (ex : cranes, Skytrack, forklift, logging machinery, etc)
  • Etc.

Our pickup and delivery service allows you to focus on your operations while we transport your broken components between your installations and ours.

Our flexible and adaptive work schedule allows us to repair any one of your cylinders, even if it’s a rush! We are the one and only reliable supplier that can help you limit the down time on your production equipment due to a faulty hydraulic or pneumatic component. We respond to a minimum of 15 emergencies per week, on time...!

Contact-us right away for the pickup of a damaged cylinder, even if it’s an emergency!

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