Extra rugged design!

With the best service there is.

Save time, money and trouble!

Get it made to the Hydraulique NES quality standard.

Services for the mining industry!

Sales, design, repairs and installation on site.

The best & most rugged pneumatic cylinders.

At only a fraction of our competitors' prices.

We are Hydraulique NES

The specialists in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics and electromechanics.


Industrial market

The one and only industrial reference!

Sales of hydraulic and pneumatic components

Hydraulique NES is a reliable partner that deserves many industrial plants in  North-Western  Quebec and North-Eastern  Ontario. Our expertise in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics allows us to be more than just suppliers, but also to be able to help and advise you during the sales of components.

Sales and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

The sale and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders is what makes us unique in the industrial market. With our unmatched quality control, you can rest assured that our cylinders will work right away when you install them on your equipment.

Our engineering team offers the possibility to design fit for duty pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders at only a fraction of the cost (Parker, Milwaukee, etc) according to your specifications!

Repair and installation of hydraulic and pneumatic components

Our hydraulic technicians can install hydraulic or pneumatic systems on-site. You can also put their knowledge to your advantage by consulting us for hydraulic or pneumatic trouble-shooting. Our hydraulic repair shop equipped with some of the finest equipment in the region allows you to benefit from our expertise and limit down time on your equipment. With our state of the art bench test, it is possible for us to compare the performance of repaired components with the performance of a new one, in the form of a performance report.

Hose and fittings

Our caterpillar hose, which is most probably the most reliable in the industry, will allow you to limit your down time. Increase the durability and the flexibility of your hoses, and get them assembled by one of our technicians today! Enjoy a volume discount and get 10% off if you buy a complete roll.

Component machining

We offer a machining service that allows you to have 'fit for duty components' according to  your needs!

HYDAC products

Our exclusive line of product; Hydac will fill all of your needs for filtration, accumulators, control or monitoring. Benefit from technical support directly from the Hydac German engineering team!

Oil tests

Stay out of trouble, get your hydraulic oil tested. Hydraulique NES will analys your oil; take a sample and we will make sure that your oil is not contaminated and has the right properties for the equipment it is used on.

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